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William Henry Richardson from East Belfast became the first person in the British Isles to grow ripe edible bananas and owned a fruit shop on the Newtownards Road.

Otto Jaffe was Belfast Mayor twice, built the Strand Spinning Mill and grew banana trees in East Belfast with his head gardener WHR.

The BURC board bought the Portview site after the Mill closed. They also opened NI’s first social enterprise bar, the John Hewitt, and are invested in community regeneration.

Allie Nickell is an East Belfast based historian and researcher who uncovered the story of her great grandfather WHR’s banana trees.

Did you get a taste of our collaboration with Boundary Brewery? Our very own Banana Beer!

Marion is an East Belfast and Banana Block resident. She is a music producer, a dj and owns Sound Advice Records.

Between 1927 and 1932, Banana Ben called at people’s houses as part of an advertising campaign. He would give you a ten shilling note in exchange for six Fyffes blue banana labels.

Darren Hawkes is a gold medalist at the Chelsea Flower Show, and our Banana Block plant whisperer! He sourced, curated and planted our tropical banana ring.

Terry runs Hearty Growers, his gourmet oyster mushroom farm out of Banana Block.

Our tenants

Find out more about the community of artisan producers, creative entrepreneurs, innovative businesses who call Portview their home. Meet the tenants and get a behind-the-scenes peek inside their worlds of mushroom growing, cheese making and record collecting.

Sound Advice

Sound Advice is Banana Block’s very own record store, owned and run by local DJ, producer and avid record collector Marion Hawkes. Expect the best of local talent at TOP SHELF, a series of intimate late-night parties at Sound Advice curated by Marion.


From Urban Farm to Table. Hearty Growers are a  Speciality Urban Mushroom Farm set within Banana Block. Terry promises to bring the freshest and tastiest range of gourmet mushrooms to the local market food scene. 

Green East

 Recognising plants’ ability to improve our mood, boost productivity and help with well-being, Roisin launched The Green East as a way to bring people closer to nature.  The Green East run a series of in-store workshops from Plant Care 101 to creating your own Terrarium.  



Bodega Bagels bring authentic, New York-style bagels to Belfast. Steven uses traditional techniques to hand-roll, boil and bake the bagels to perfection- crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Bodega’s everything topping and cream cheeses (schmears) are also created in-house.

Our team

Meet the Management team that make our events happen at Banana Block.



Likes: long walks with his dog Alfie Chopper, buying records and eating pastry.

Dislikes: Aubergines, bad guac and chart music. 


commercial manager

Likes: Playing the banjo in his band Cool Hand String Band

Dislikes: People being late!

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Likes: Cheese and anything sparkly

Dislikes: Slow walkers and tupperware



The token Aussie

Likes: Wine, negronis and her cat Seamus

Dislikes: People who don’t wait for others to get off the bus before boarding and velvet!


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