Hearty Growers

Hearty Growers is Belfast’s first urban mushroom farm. During the pandemic Terry began experimenting with growing oyster mushrooms at home and he became passionate about cultivating culinary and medicinal mushrooms.

Inside you’ll find a range of fresh mushrooms cultivated on-site, grow-your-own mushroom kits, mushroom seasoning, teas, pies, and dried mushroom powders.

No-one thought it would be possible to grow mushrooms within a warehouse, with a sustainable, circular environment and be a hub for the local community. Terry integrates and intertwines within the amazing network of the micro food and drink enterprises in Belfast, and hopes to inspire a generation to take a look into the fabulous world of mushrooms.

What's Your Story?

Hearty Growers is a result of Terry being furloughed for 9 months as a luxury cruise-holiday consultant. With no former farming background, Terry began to volunteer at Hahu Organics, an organic market garden at The Walled Garden, Helens Bay.

After picking up the basics of organic market gardening, a bit of permaculture, and vermiculture, Terry began to research growing oyster mushrooms from home, which later turned into a full-blown indoor vertical mushroom farm in one of our spare rooms at home.

By December 2020, Terry was made redundant and Hearty Growers was born. He took a leap of faith, along with some fantastic start-up support from Belfast City Council, and signed a commercial lease with Portview Trade Centre in January 2021.