Welcome to the people’s gallery at Portview Trade Centre. This is a blank canvas; a takeover space that members of the public and community groups can fill with artwork, stories and soundscapes, expressing their unique perspectives on our old mill buidling, the city and the future.

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What's your story?

What’s the Story is a people’s gallery. A blank canvas available for the community to take over. Help us fill this gallery with your stories. 

Do you have family memories of the old mill? Creative takeover ideas for this space? Big dreams for the future of Portview?

The space includes walls which can house physical artwork and large tv screens for digital installations.


There are also six sound cones which visitors can stand under to listen to stories, music, soundscapes and interviews.


Why not run a mini market, painting exhibition, creative installation, workshop, pop-up shop, poetry reading, life drawing or photography show – you tell us!

The People's Gallery

A creative canvas encouraging the community to tell their story and explore those of others.