The Spinners Mill

The Spinners Mill is a new podcast and recording studio at Banana Block made possible through funding support from Tourism Northern Ireland.

We are pleased to offer competitive rates for all podcasters and DJs with a range of options to suit your needs.

For more information, see our FAQs or click the link below to book your first session!

For any further queries outside of our FAQ section below please email [email protected]


Most frequent questions and answers

 • Computer Rig: An Apple Mac mini (8gb/256gb) serves as the central hub for recording and editing. Paired with a Lenovo Q27Q-20 27″ QHD IPS Monitor, it offers a clear and responsive interface for all your digital audio tasks.

 • IO Interface: The Behringer U-PHORIA UMC1820 serves as the central connection point between various audio sources and the computer rig. It facilitates multi-channel recording and offers intuitive controls for gain and volume adjustments.
• Vinyl Turntable: Two Technics SL-1210-MK7 turntables provide authentic vinyl record playback, perfect for recording sessions and digital broadcasts.
• CD Turntable: The Pioneer XDJ-700 decks allow for digital media playback, ensuring versatility in your recording and broadcasting sessions.
• Microphone: Four Audio Technica AT2035 microphones ensure crisp voice recordings. Whether it’s a solo podcast or a group discussion, these mics capture every nuance.
• DJ Mixer: The Reloop RMX60 mixer is the heart of the DJ setup, allowing seamless transitions between tracks and offering a range of effects to enhance the audio output.
 Headphone Preamp: The FAME HPA-6000 provides independent headphone control, accommodating up to four podcasters. It ensures each participant can monitor the audio at their preferred volume level.

Unfortunately not. If you are DJing with XDJs, please bring a USB with MP3 files of your choice. If you are Djing vinyl, please bring your own vinyls or be sure to take a look in Sound Advice on site at Banana Block for any extras to add to your collection!

Not at all! At The Spinners Mill Podcast Studio, we are here to help you develop your ideas into reality. We offer consultations and advice on how to take your podcast idea and turn into something that’s achievable on your time/dime.

Absolutely, we offer a recording facility through a Digital Audio Workstation on our Mac Mini. Once you record your set, we will transfer you the recording straight after you’re done via the email you provided during the booking! Hassle free and easy!

Our introductory period for pricing is soon to be concluded (£10/hr for recording only). As a result of this, we will be increasing the pricing slightly going forward in order for the studio to be cost efficient, whilst still providing competitive pricing for our customers. More details on when our pricing will change are to come.

You can book online using this link. This will take you to our Setmore booking page where you can book online and review all of our available appointments for both podcasting and Djing.